Settings [ iMap Classified Script ]

Configuration or Settings of iMap classified script are like below :-

  1. Title : This is title of script used in home page and other pages available.
  2. Description : This is description for your classified scipt mostly used for meta tags.
  3. Keywords :  This is keyword tag for your classified script used for meta-keyword tags.
  4. Timezone : This option is important to set as it tells curren time in your country to  your visitors according which they can set date and time for their deals.
  5. Header : In this setting you can add your own CSS, JS  or any other HTML Tags.
  6. Footer :  Same as above, you can add your own CSS, JS or any other HTML Tags.
  7. Maintenance : If you are doing any changes to your site, you can put site under maintenance with this option.
  8. Maintenance Message :  In this input tag, you can provide message to your visitors while site is under maintenance.
  9. Logo : Here you can change logo of your website.
  10. Icon Width :  This option specify , what size should be for icon width in map.
  11. Icon Height :  This option specify, what size should be for icon height in map.
  12. Google Map Key :  This option specify "your google map" key for your website. To get your own key, Please visit " " and create your own project and than create "credential key" as per  your requirement.

If you have any question,  Please send support message here :- 

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